Monday, November 07, 2011

An FOP Endorsement ?

Chris Smitherman, in yet another bid to be a Cincinnati City councilman has received an endorsement from the FOP.
In 2004 when he managed to get elected, the nquirer wrote
The memos to the city manager's office come at the rate of about one a day, and sometimes as many as three or four. They started on the second day of Christopher Smitherman's first term on Cincinnati City Council, and have not let up.
The requests for information are usually no longer than two or three sentences. The answers sometimes take days of staff time to complete.
"Please provide my office with the following information: A listing of each sworn officer in the Cincinnati Police Department. For each sworn officer, the name of the high school that he/she attended."
He has made deliberate attempts to keep some of his memos quiet. On Jan. 13, he asked the city manager not to release the information she had submitted to his office about police overtime. (The city manager responded that it was a public record.)

He was defended by none other than Ken Lawson, however
"Whenever a strong black man in a position like Chris is in speaks his mind, he's told in no uncertain terms he better get back in his place," said lawyer Kenneth L. Lawson

Of course, Lawson, later disbarred, was probably stoned at the time.
Of course, he is also endorsed by the ethically challenged ~er~ ethically challenged COA T organization this year.
His FOP endorsement is baffling. It's hard to believe they would want to be in such company.

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