Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OTR - Highest Income Inequality Tract in America

I have read the McClatchy article, Highest income-inequality tract in America is gentrifying twice & I don't get it. It's a little weirder than Stadium tax rebate favors wealthy, which is, duh, just a fact.
FWIW, the wealth distribution should be a little smoother in OTR in time. Middle class people will follow the wealthy but pretty much nobody follows the poor. In fact, the poor have been leaving OTR for years. While the article points out the neighborhood is predominantly poor they don't do much to point out it is predominantly vacant. Anyway, I guess the Liberals© have to wail about something.

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VisuaLingual said...

I keep mulling over that article as well. My initial reaction was, well, of course this must be true given 3CDC's work in the neighborhood. But then, wait, tract 17? Isn't it outside of 3CDC's recent and current scope? And this is based on data that's a few years old, pretty much predating much of the recent gentrification. So, for the sake of explaining the stats, I'm not even sure that discussing 3CDC even makes sense.

It's definitely an oddly written and argued piece.