Friday, November 18, 2011

Ohio & The Movies

A new website that has received a lot of web press is devoted to promoting Ohio & Ohioans that have been on TV & in the movies. Music videos, I guess, don't count. Actually a lot doesn't seem to count. Dean Martin, Jonathan Winters, the Gish girls, John Holmes, Theda Bara, Doris Day, Mike Douglas, Ron Jeremy, Paul Newman, Martin Mull, Jerry Springer & Roy Fucking Rogers don't count. Light of Day, Vamps, Howard the Duck, Ferndale 2 Night, Airborne, Traffic, Harper Valley PTA, 6 episodes of Route 66, (5 in Clevo), Stranger Than Paradise, Cornhole, Thankskilling, The Dead Next Door…..
forget it.
heck, a Wiki search
or IMDB comes up with all sorts of stuff.
oh well, HDDs are like Doritos, we'll just make more.

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