Saturday, November 19, 2011

Zombie Lake

A low budget movie from 1980 about a French town full of slow moving, bloodless, nudists who can't shoot worth a damn and wind up getting terrorized by a squad of Nazi amphibi-zombies.
Really it oughtta be called something like Swamp Nazis or Lake of the Living Dead or something as this semi-organized squad of undead Nazi soldiers can move, have some reason & don't eat people. They are more like really sloppy, green vampires.
Who live in a lake.
The whole walking around at the bottom of the lake in uniform thing is kinda cool. Probably the best part. Well, that and the gratuitous nudity…..
One quibble - back in WWII, when the French resistance fighters slaughter the soldiers & throw their carcasses into the lake, one Frenchie steals a dead soldier's boots. Subsequently, as they shamble-march (no shamble-goose-stepping) through the streets of the town, nobody is barefoot.

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