Thursday, November 03, 2011

Issue 48 (Cincinnati)

Cincinnati's Issue 48 was introduced by COA T & the NAACP to halt passenger rail in Cincinnati a second time. Their previous attempt would have required public votes on any & all rail projects. This one provides a 10 year ban on building and planning effectively creating a 15+ year ban.
Proponents have said the money could be spent on other things from wages to eminent domain programs. They have engaged in a campaign of disinformation on social media, their spokespersons on radio, TV & the local paper have cited a wide range of factoids and figures that are completely unsubstantiated but have generally been given a free pass. Cincinnatians for Progress has called out COA T on their part and, apparently, the organization's counsel is arguing that lies in political campaigns are some kind of constitutional right. The thrust of the campaign has been primarily spreading fear, uncertainty, a dash of class warfare and they seem to be having some success. The thing is, their very use of referenda causes an unhealthy air of uncertainty that damages the entire city.
In this video, around 3:40, Steve Chabot goes fishing for a statement from SBA to defend his stance on taxes scaring businesses but doesn't get the answer he wants. What scares businesses is uncertainty. The referendumania rampant in Cincinnati and pushed primarily by COA T & the NAACP creates a climate of uncertainty and is clearly not good for business in the city.

So who supports this ill conceived proposal?
  • Cincinnati Chapter NAACP
  • FOP
  • Local Firefighters Union
  • Baptist Ministers Alliance of Cincinnati
  • Westwood Concern
  • Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless
  • Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees
  • Southwest Ohio Green Party

  • Cincinnati Enquirer
  • League of Women Voters
  • All Aboard Ohio
  • Alliance for Regional Transit
  • American Institute of Architects, Cincinnati Chapter
  • Blue Green Alliance
  • Brewery District Community Redevelopment Corporation
  • Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati Democratic Committee
  • Cincinnati Preservation Association
  • Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
  • Cincy PAC
  • Downtown Residents Council
  • Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Environmental Council
  • Ohio Public Transportation Association
  • Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce
  • Pendleton Neighborhood Association
  • Sierra Club
  • Uptown Consortium
  • Women's Political Caucus
  • Cincinnati Business Courier
  • Simon Leis, Hamilton County Sheriff
  • Judge Nathaniel R. Jones, former general counsel, national NAACP
  • Dr. Milton W. Hinton, former president, Cincinnati NAACP
  • City Beat
  • Cincinnati Herald

A quick look at the supporters of this issue reveals a rogues gallery of self interest groups who all derive their existence in part or whole from the public trough - all led by an Erisian COA T.
Some of the Greens are pretty wack. Their position explanation uses phrases like "mowing down people in the street". Westwood cares little for other neighborhoods or the city at large. This is the neighborhood that considered secession from the city. The ministers group seems to be the same crew that got called out for being absentee slumlords in WCPO's Visions of Vine Street.
CODE is the city employee union that was concocted by a woman seemingly for the sole purpose of swindling her coworkers. It will be interesting to see how that pedigree effects them in the future. The safety unions don't seem to see the benefit of improving a neighborhood where they frequently risk their lives dealing with vice and abandoned buildings owned by uncaring absentee landlords. Given the low scores of council candidates on the NAACP's scorecard, one has to wonder how relevant the organization is. If their goals are so important, how come next to nobody seems to realize it?
It reminds one of William Burroughs' discussion of Junky Relations. They all need each other but absolutely hate each other because they all are competing for the same supply of junk.
Count me OPPOSED.


Sharon said...

"Westwood cares little for other neighborhoods or the city at large. This is the neighborhood that considered secession from the city."

Can you at least say Westwood CONCERN cares little... ? The misperception that everyone in Westwood agrees with the wingnuts on Concern (or WCA for that matter) is simply NOT TRUE. We are the largest neighborhood in the city and as such you will find many divergent opinions that are far less fascist than those of Westwood Concern. Many of us in Westwood are opposed to Issue 48.

Quimbob said...

WCA is the accepted community council to represent the neighborhood. They voted overwhelmingly (9-2) to investigate secession.

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