Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blogging Isn't Cool Supports Iggy Pop Mural

The Provost of Cincinnati has proposed on The Phony Coney Blog that a mural commemorating Iggy Pop & The 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival held at Crosley Field.
Blogging Isn't Cool supports and seconds this idea. It would commemorate a musical era, an influential musician, Crosley Field, Cincinnati broadcasting & Cincinnati's peanut butter heritage.
Putting the mural somewhere visible from northbound I-75 would be doubly befitting as Mr Pop & his Stooges hail from sunny Ann Arbor, Michigan.


CityKin said...

along I-75, maybe opposite the walking tin-man which would put it pretty close to the location of Crosley Field.

Ronny Salerno said...

Put it up on the old Crosley Radio Building.

Unknown said...

This has to be one of my favourite photographs of all time, I would so love a print of it on my wall, is there any way to get a better quality image of it so I can blow it up anywhere?

Anonymous said...
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