Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cincinnatians for Progress has requested submissions for yard signs for the campaign against Issue 9.
You can send your ideas to Cincinnatians for Progress.
Bear in mind most yard signs are appealing to people speeding by in their metal and glass bubbles, so the message should be clear and bold with plenty of contrast. They don't offer any dimensions but my Ron Paul for President sign is 24" x 12".
Commence designin' ! It's fun ! It's easy ! It's cathartic !
here's some of mine

red white and blue with a slogan from somewhere, Simes ?

green, rails, progress.....

my Iomega design

ok, probably not a great design but who decided elections should be held around Halloween anyway ?

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geebee said...

Sweet. Cut that last one up into little squares and you got almost a hundred hits of blotter acid.