Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Vote Early ?

Once again, the local NAACP president hosts a campout at the BOE so "he can cast the first vote". Maybe he is raising some awareness to the ability to vote early at the BOE & not have to worry about juggling work & poll hours, bad weather, traffic, etc., but it also serves another purpose besides self promotion.
Most of the political campaigning doesn't really get started till about now & the vast majority of the campaigning won't occur till the last couple weeks before the election. When you are promoting bad government like Isuues 3, 8 & 9, you probably don't want your voters to be too educated on the issues. If you went on Sillyman's camping trip you would likely miss this informative video that actually animates the city's new logo. It almost animates the city manager, too.

The fact Sillyman also supports every single tax levy on the ballot must thrill his pals at COA T.
Vote No On 9

Fishwrap article here.

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