Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting to Riverfest

Metro will not be offering their park-n-Ride express service to Riverfest this year. Metro has cited budget woes. That sucks. A friend of mine swore by that thing.
For years I went down just for the fireworks. I would ride my bicycle. I found a nice place south of Lytle Park & it was really easy to get in and out.
Because most everybody who drove was already there by the time the fireworks started and the downtown streets were closed, it was real easy riding through the downtown area & getting to the aforementioned spot at the last minute. Afterwards, since all the motorists were trying to leave at the same time and, hence, getting all locked up and, with the downtown streets closed, a cyclist could easily get a real head start on the motorists when leaving. Also, the vast majority of the people attending the event take the highways, so most of the city streets are fairly empty even when the motorist finally do get moving.
If you live within a few miles of the event, I strongly recommend this strategy.
It's green, too !

Metro routes serving popular destinations

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