Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Speech

Well, I gotta say, I am pretty disgusted. I had heard Baraq HUSSEIN O'Bama's speech to our precious children would be an attack on America & an attempt to soil their fragile minds with socialism, atheism, baby eating and bestiality.
Well, I watched it just to see how bad it would be. The camera was focused squarely on O'Bama so viewers could not see the inter-racial Satanic snuf-porn that was displayed to the students in attendance.
Mr O'Bama ! Last time I looked, The United States of America is NOT INdo-nesia !!
I don't know why you would demonize the American XBox and not the filthy nip Playstation except for that YOU HATE AMERICA !!!!!
and How Dare You tell my kids they can't be reality TV stars. My children can grow up to be anything they damn please because this is AMERICA, but, oh right - YOU HATE AMERICA, MR BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA !!!!
And as for that foreign satanist bitch, JK Rawlings, how dare you sight that communist devil worshipper as some kind of example for my kids. We whipped those commie British wimps for a reason, MR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ! But since you AREN'T EVEN AN AMERICAN yourself, you wouldn't get that, would you ?!??!?!?
So are you teaching your children witchcraft MR BARACH HUSSEIN OBAMA? Sasha & Malia sound like witch names to me, SOVIET witch names, that is !
This is it ! This is the last straw !!
I gotta admit, carrying on like a crazy-ass teabagger is pretty fun. I can see why those loons do it !
But, now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

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geebee said...

Dang! Those ARE Ruskie names. Never noticed that before.