Monday, September 28, 2009

Issue 3

I don't gamble. It bores me. I would just as soon give my money to people on the street. I realize a lot of people enjoy it, tho, and that Ohio money is going out of state without the gambling here.
Las Vegas is a fun place to visit. The casinos are a sight to see. The thing is, out there, there are slots everywhere. From the moment you arrive at the airport you hear the sound of coins tinkling everywhere ! (I can imagine Edgar Allan Poe dealing with that!) Small bars might have one slot or video poker machine. Places with no gambling have entertainment out the wazoo. There is a ton of stuff going on in Las Vegas without gambling. It is a unique and immersive experience.
This is what I don't get about Ohio & it's various plans to do gambling. We always want to have just one or two single casinos. Why don't we want to set up something that would compete with Vegas, or for that matter, Branson ? Why can't we just license machines & dealers to establishments that want them ? Why do we have to have an out of state entity run one casino without any competition ? Here in Cincinnati, I imagine someone like Jeff Ruby could do a casino just fine.
I really think the place for a gambling town would be Pomeroy. It has the Ohio River, wooded hillsides, camping. It's a pretty little town with a nice riverfront. I am sure the infusion of cash would be welcomed.
Sandusky, on the lake, would make another good location. The thing is, it should be an immersive and a uniquely Ohio experience. It should not be a single monopolized cookie cutter blob stuck into areas with a lot of voters.
I will oppose all gambling measures in the state that are concocted like Issue 3 and pretty much every other plan for gambling that's been put on the ballot.

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