Thursday, September 24, 2009

Urbana's Roundabout - Week One

The intersection in the heart of Urbana switched from an ugly traffic light hanging over a monument to a roundabout last weekend. The first reactions are mixed. While traffic congestion is down, some folks believe it is because drivers are hurtling through side streets endangering Urbana youth. Others say it is more efficient & will work better as people learn to use it.
It's gotta look better - even if the statue is splattered in blood and bathed in the light of the burning, wrecked cars.
Here's the directions given to Urnananianites.

Noose Son story here.


CityKin said...

Those diagonal parking spaces around the roundabout complicate it a bit, but I think after driving it a few times they'll be comfortable with it.

Quimbob said...

get back to work !

CityKin said...

grumble, grumble, it's lunch time.

geebee said...

Here's my vote for a roundabout in Tremont City. What, they ain't big enough?