Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Robo Call from Charlie Winburn on 9/30/09 6:40 PM

uh, Chas ? I think you need to re-record your robocall. No police officers have been laid off. Or did you mean to lie and scare citizens into voting for you ?
You might also think about turning down the volume if you re-record, too.
PS - the mayor doesn't really fit the profile of a mass murderer, either.
UPDATE:Winburn on WKRC NooseMakers warning us the mayor might try to poison us. link


Quimbob said...

I used to be. Tried Libertarian. Finally just gave up on parties.

Matt said...

That's funny, I used to consider myself pretty darn conservative, too.

Though my views of conservative ideology don't even come close to what (some of) the freaks residing here do.