Monday, September 21, 2009

In a "press release" this weekend, Chris Smitherman, a so called "financial planner", berates the city & SORTA for planning for the long term while reacting to the short term management issues. He derides them for cutting bus service while, at the same time, promoting streetcar development (something SORTA wanted to do years ago). He appears to realize that the economic downturn is not forever but he keeps talking about SORTA/Metro/The City as if it is a business. While a business might ride out a downturn & go into debt with the anticipation of generating profits in the future, government agencies can't do that, especially since they don't make a profit even in the best of times.
He notes, "Transportation is a civil rights issue in the 21st Century."
It kinda was in the 20th century, too, but nevermind. He complains that cutting bus service to the handicapped is bad.....
So why does he oppose the streetcar ? It has superior access for the disabled, the elderly and the parents of small children (who frequently aren't dripping with money), too.
Guess this goes along with his short term financial planning strategies & his mistaken belief that the government should operate like a business but still provide services for free.
He also points out "The Cincinnati NAACP Executive Committee has not been contacted for any input."
Well, Blogging Isn't Cool's Executive Committee wasn't contacted, either, AND HE ACTUALLY RIDES THE BUS.
And, essentially a lie, "Nonetheless, the Mayor and City Council are moving forward with plans to build a $200 million streetcar in downtown with no input from the community."
Government is participatory. The city has had meetings pertaining to the streetcar that were open to the public for the past 3 years. I guess this falls under the idea that the city has to ask the NAACP's Executive Committee for an exclusive audience.
Maybe his rant would make more sense with the physical performance - the Hitleresque hand gestures and facial expressions....
Dunno about that guy, but he and Tom Luken are certainly peas in a pod.

NAACP Press Release.
How come what Sillyman publishes is a "press release" but what I publish is a blog post.


Radarman said...

It's a press release because it allows no comments.

I read the release, by the way. Everybody should. It is, in an odd way, kind of funny.

Quimbob said...

When I hear and see Sillyman speak, I get the definite impression he is headed towards a mental breakdown. It's kinda sad, really.