Thursday, December 17, 2009

Budget Nonsense

In the county, the Sheriff doesn't want his budget cut. The Coroner, the Prosecutor & the Judges don't want their budgets cut.
In the city the Police & Fire don't want their budgets cut. The Health department & Recreation departments don't want their budgets cut.
Now we are looking at fees for waste collection. How much time and energy is it going to take to monitor the amount of each person's waste & charge them accordingly ?
How about the people from these various departments and elected county officials put their names on the line and try promoting some tax levies to cover their operations ?
It's easy to tell the city council & the county BOC to commit political suicide. Put your own reputation on the line and ask thee taxpayers for more cash.
I watched about 40 minutes of the Pleasant Ridge budget hearing the other night. Only one woman suggested higher user fees. The rest seemed to think their cause was willed by the lord & that it was just a matter of gathering a few dollars more as they rained from heaven.
-end of rant.....

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