Saturday, December 19, 2009

South Fountain Preservation
Springfield, Ohio

Visited The Champion City the other day. Besides chowing down bigtime on local favorites, I visited Memorial Hall & The South Fountain Historic District. I was in the area around the old Springfield High School & snapped a few pics. What's been done in this area is pretty amazing. It has taken some time but it looks a heckuva lot better than when I was living up there.

Later, stopped at Memorial Hall. While out front, a bum walked up & remarked on what a great old building it was. He wnt on to tell us he had lived in one of the upper floors for a couple years before the building was secured. He had tried sleeping in the entranceway but the police had rousted him. He identified himself as a homeless veteran. It seemed kinda weird that a veteran couldn't live in an abandoned Veteran's Memorial building. When I told him the guilding was slated to be demolished & replaced with a skating rink, the quiet little man let out a hearty laugh. The world had just gotten a little weirder for the social outcast.

Springfield Preservation Alliance

A special thanks to Photobucket for inexplicably rotating my images and allowing me to waste time attempting to de-rotate them
UPDATE: I guess Photobucket does de-rotate, but with the blinding speed of a Quadra 950 !


Anonymous said...
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geebee said...

"Bigtime local favorites?" What'd you do, go to the mall for a chili-dog and cherry shake?

Quimbob said...

Pizza King, Schuler's & Mumford's tater chips.
I am pretty sure Snack Shack is kaput.

geebee said...

Sorry. I'm all west-coast snooty out here... Could go for a chocolate covered creme bun.