Friday, December 04, 2009

The Sun-Maid Girl Goes 3D !

The Sun Maid was created around 1915 & has graced the boxes of raisins that were in kids lunch boxes for generations. The Sun Maid, the Land-o-Lakes indian butter chick & the Chiquita lady were all early crushes. Betty Crocker & Aunt Jemima never quite did it for me. Mrs. Butterworth never even made it into our household. Peter Pansy? nevermind....
Anyway, all these characters are updated over the years, Chiquita has even used real women (ugh..) for their trademark. Sun Maid has decided to go the 3D animation route to promote the healthiness of old dried up grapes. The company has enlisted Synthespians for the animation chores. The new Sun Maid animations look a lot like Mainstram's -er- Rainmaker's Barbie movies.
It appears the new 3D chick is for TV advertising only as she is not on the box, so I don't think this thing is a "replacement". However people are in an uproar. Feminazis are up in arms because her breasts are more pronounced. I'll worry about that when Lara Croft starts hawkin' prunes.
As long as she keeps wearing the goofy red hat, she's ok by me.
You can see the :15 ad here.
Why the Sun-Maid clowns don't want this thing spread virally is beyond me.

PS: For cheap animated holiday viewing, don't miss Barbie in A Christmas Carol. (Hope the Sun Maid will start doing feature films!)

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Eric Davidson said...

the new Sun Maid girl actually looks relatively conservative compared to most digitized females