Monday, December 14, 2009

Outta the Gate Swinging

Somehow mixed metaphors just sound right when dealing with Chas Winburn.
Miss Jane reports in the Fishwrap that one of Councilman Windbag's ideas for reigning in the budget is to cut recycling pickup to once a month. This seems to be going in the wrong direction as Councilwoman Qualls has stated we are better of recycling more & using the landfill less. She has proposed the city buy everybody a newer bigger recycling bin with RFID chips. I have never really understood why I buy my own trash can but the city buys my recycling bin. OK, I do know why - It's to help promote recycling. So, maybe a current solution might be a mish mash of Councilmember's suggestions.
Instead of treating everybody to a new recycling bin, let people buy their own, with or without RFID chips & then cut garbage pickup to once a month while leaving recycling alone. That is - Instead of making recycling easier, make throwing away garbage harder. Toss in some composting promotion & we can cut government costs & put less of a bootprint on the planet's face at the same time.

Qualls' Proposal Page

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