Sunday, December 20, 2009

Death of a Ghost Sign

The Old Timber Inn

This has been gone for a month or two now. I can't believe I missed it since I go by it almost daily. Guess that's why I missed it.....
Sadly, even the people in the windows have been painted over, too.
To this day I don't know what a fish log is and I don't want to know. The Old Timber did get a City Beat Best of in the category in 2000, tho.
The building has been on Spring Grove Avenue at Crawford since 1900. In olden days it served people using rail transportation. There was a streetcar that ran out to Spring Grove Cemetery & there was a train that went north from Spring Grove up Crawford to strange and wonderful places. I believe there was actually a station across the street where the truck store is nowadays.
They used to have plate lunches at The Old Timber that made Comet burritos look like egg rolls. They used to be a U-Haul outlet, too.
Hi, I want to rent a truck. Can I get a couple boilermakers, too ?

I haven't been in the Old Timber in years. That might have to change. I am not getting a daggone half fish log, tho. Frankly I am surprised there are not a few family style restaurants (with hooch) in the area to serve grieving visitors of Spring Grove Cemetery. Whoever came up with the idea of having the funeral attendees hang out at the widow's house & messing the place up after a funeral was a sadist and a half. But that's another post.....


CityKin said...

Never been inside, but the fish log is still served around town at a few places.

Do you remember the House of Balloons just to the west?

Quimbob said...

"Do you remember the House of Balloons just to the west?"
not til you mentioned it
I gotta check out Mayday's "gourmet hot dogs".