Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Perils of Being on the Radar

When Americans think of animation, they usually think of Disney Studios. Modern Disney has been cranking out stale homogenized formulaic crap for awhile now. The new Disney cartoon, The Princess and The Frog, looks to be more of the same. This cartoon features their first "black" princess, however, so it's time for the PC Nazis to sharpen their knives.
The story takes place in New Orleans in the 1920s. The lead character was to be a maid named Maddy (Madeleine). No Good. I have always liked that name & I have never disrespected a maid. Unfortunately the PC Nazis thought Maddy sounded too much like Mammy. whatever Tiana is a Russkie name that is acceptable, I guess, since the Obamas used Russkie names for their kids it's ok. being a maid was no good because black girls in the 20s NEVER worked as maids. Still, don't. There is a firefly narrator type who is a light hearted semi-toothed fella with a heavy accent & small vocabulary. this is, of course, racist because no such person exists.
I'm into Delta Blues. Sorry, these guys exist to this day.
Since Disney is obsessed with magic, it's gotta come from somewhere. In this movie it comes in the form of Vodou. More racism. More stereotyping. Vodou is, of course (overly simplifying stuff here), a mish mash of similar beliefs of the sub-Saharan societies from which the European/American slave traders got their slaves. There is a nationalistic side introduced by seminal Haitian revolutionary Boukman, too, but we won't go into that here. I mean we're talking about The Wonderfully Superficial World of Disney here. Anyway, this has pissed off Vodousaints, neo-Pagans AND Christians. Did these folks have these same complaints about Disney's other wizards ?
Well, probably.
One of the greatest bits of crap from the PC Nazis is that the Prince the chick falls for isn't black. Not exactly whit either. He has a kind of Indian sounding name, but people are griping about him not being black. Do people gripe about Michele Obama not hooking up with a black guy?
I can't believe I have referenced the first family twice in an article about a cartoon. But, that's just it. It's a modern commercial cartoon adaptation of an old fairy tale & people are going off on it like crazy folk. Would they complain as much if the toon came out of france, Poland, Japan or Korea? As far as Disney goes, they should be more concerned with Disney merchandise sold at their stores in upscale malls across the US. Much of the apparel is produced in Haiti under near slave-like conditions. Haitians rioted earlier in the year to boost their minimum wage to $5/day.
I guess it is more important to have perfect uniform ticky tacky fictional characters flickering on the screen than to be concerned with real folks you can't see.
Like Dr McDreamy said, "Perception is Reality".

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