Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Who 1975

This was a good show. The band was still intact with Moon on drums, Townshend's guitar playing was better (that had good & bad aspects) & Entwistle & Daltrey were solid. They were touring The Who by Numbers which was full of songs about weakness, self doubt & aging. criminy, they were only about 30. oh, wait, that was old back then.
Townshend had abandoned his trademark SGs & had a seemingly endless supply of gold Les Pauls with big numbers on them. Guitar smashing had become a special event.

photo by Mike Pinson

The opening act was a band called Law who were, essentially, a bar band (& not in a good way). Then Toots & the Maytals took the stage. ok, this was 1975. The American Who audience was and still is a pretty conservative lot. Why in hell a reggae act was put on the bill is a complete mystery. A few years later it would have made a lot more sense. I remember them doing a version of John Denver's Country Roads. They were not received well.

Cliff Radel's review

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