Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Who, Richfield Coliseum 1979

This was the closest I ever came to Phish, Grateful Dead type fanaticism. The Who twice in one week. I drove the Grey Ghost up to Richfield in the rain. Prior to the trip, I did not realize there was a hole in the floor over by the brake pedal. ugh - wet gym shoe in northern Ohio in December.... We got a motel room. I forget who all went. Dan was there. After what had happened at the Cincinnati Who concert a couple days before, I told my mates not to tell the motel folks that we were going to the concert. As we checked in, the old lady at the desk sized us up & told us to have fun at the concert & to stay safe.
Daltrey later stated that the night after the Cincinnati stop, they played a good show in Indy(?). He said the tragedy of the event really sunk in the next day & their show in Richfield was kinda lame. He was right. It was good & professional but just not very inspired.

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