Friday, July 17, 2009

The Beat Farmers 1986

A friend of mine in San Diego alerted me to this band. They were big on the bar scene out there. They were, in fact, a perfect bar band. Unfortunately, they only got any national acclaim for a couple novelty songs sung by, as most novelty songs are, the drummer.
I was working third shift, so I was on best, -er- better behaviour that night which was hard because, as a bar band, they inspired massive drinking. I had to leave before they were through and one of the last songs I saw was one of their hits, "Happy Boy" where the drummer/singer came out from behind his kit and laid down on his back, hoisted a beer up with his feet and poured it onto his face (and a good part of the rest of his body) and sang the gargling part of the song.
With that, I dutifully headed off to work.

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