Wednesday, July 22, 2009

COA T co-founder Tom Brinkman - Ohio's Answer to Harold Hill ?

Brinkman and a couple of his political fringe cohorts have banded together to make the political/legal case against gambling in Ohio in a move parallel with the Talibanish Ohio Roundtable group. One of his pals did work for the failed gubernatorial campaign of (sonofabitch) Ken Blackwell. Another is, theoretically, a member (president ?) of the right wing Buckeye Institute, an organization known for screwing up numbers and statistics as badly as COA T.
Brinkman has been trying to change state law so he can lobby for COA T (maybe shoulda thought about that while still in office instead of procuring grills for Alms Park). When he was in office, he wasted state money on admittedly pointless legislation that would have have forced young women to bear the fruit of incestuous rape. He has failed repeatedly to get the support of constituents in his congressional district who would rather have daggone Jean Schmidt. He was involved in overturning Cincinnati's gay rights protections which involved working with the Talibanish CCV and the illegal collection of ballot signatures.
While maybe not working directly with the religious extremists, we can easily surmise he is in league with them on this issue, too.
COA T's campaigning trademark is hysterical fear mongering laced with paronomasia & outright lies - similar to what we see Robert Preston doing in this scene from the cinematic version of the Music Man. What snake oil can we expect from their co-founder on the gambling issue ? Or will he and his "communications experts" just funnel that to the Ohio Roundtable group ?
Harold Hill was, in the end, redeemed. His heart having found true love with the local librarian and satisfying the citizens of the River City by actually conducting the promised youth band. Unfortunately, I doubt we can expect any turnaround from this particular rogue.

Cowtown Politics article here.

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