Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Rolling Stones 1972

This was the only outdoor Rolling Stones concert I went to where it didn't rain. They were touring Exile on Main Street. The Stones played Akron one day and Indianapolis the next. My friend's dad had business in Cleveland so he was able to give us a ride up the day before the Akron show and bring us back the day after. We planned on camping at the Mogadore reservoir. Problem was I had summer school & couldn't go up the day before. I finally found some guys who were going & I made plans to go with them and meet the other guys there.
Imagine my surprise when I found the other guys were going to the Indy show. My parents were the greatest parents in the world that day. They dropped their plans of sitting around reading magazines, watching TV & drinking Martinis & drove my scrawny butt up to Akron.
My friends & I had made plans to meet at the edge of the stage after the show. We met up ok. They had been standing in the middle of the Akron Rubber Bowl all day with neither water nor shade & were semi incoherent. Whenever we got together incoherency was pretty much normal so I didn't think anything of it til I watched one of my buds drink about half of Lake Erie from a water faucet.
Then we had to get to a state park around midnight with no car. It took about 3 rides hitch hiking and one left us out in the middle of nowhere for about an hour. yay. We finally got to the campsite & attacked the poundcake Mrs Hall had made for us.
That was a really kick ass tour for the Stones. It is documented on numerous bootlegs & the movie, Cocksucker Blues. Mick Taylor was playing lead back then, Nicky Hopkins on piano.....
The band finished up with Jumpin' Jack Flash & Street Fighting Man. The entire field of fans went nuts. There was really nothing else they could do.

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geebee said...

This event made me a Stones fan for life. I'm playing side two of Exile on Main St. as I write this. I'm kinda surprised we managed to see this show in retrospect. Bill Wyman's huge book "Rolling with the Stones" mentions that the tour was sold out at every stop - they were the biggest draw in the world at that time, and rightly so!