Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Which Hell On Earth is Cincinnati ?

While perusing the comments on the Cincinnati Enquirer's comments section, I was surprised to find that the town is some kind of Hell on Earth. Apparently, I was unaware because I am a dumbass liberal with blinders on. So I was wondering. Which post apocalyptic movie captures the terror & horror of this abominable hell hole.
A Boy and His Dog springs to mind primarily because Newport on the Levee reminds me of the weird underground town where Jason Robards lives while the desperate surface world represents Cincinnati to a T.
Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome kinda gets the desperate psychotic nature of the town.
Army of Darkness might work, but then AoD is always appropriate.
When talking about Over the Rhine, Escape From New York seems to come up a lot.
People keep saying the city is dead, so maybe Day of the Dead ?
Resident Evil seems to capture the essence of a hellish environment created by liberal intellectuals that needs to be solved by militant neocons.....
I can't decide, so you get to. Take the poll in the top right and choose The Hell on Earth That is Cincinnati.

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