Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Few years ago (Pete Delkus was the announcer), WCPO did one of those online/phone polls, nothing really scientific, they asked if people would be interested in living in the downtown area. The result was something like 5%. Above is a map that guestimates the WCPO viewing area. With cable it is probably larger but less tidy. The blue dot represents 5% of that area. The red dot represents about how big the downtown area is. I realize resident aren't laid out in an orderly grid but, hopefully, you get the idea.
People have argued that repopulating OTR and populating The Banks will be impossible because there are not enough people in the region to support the area. My bistro graphics prove that wrong. Toss in new residents (people are leaving Piqua and Springfield all the time) and filling the area up should be easy.
People argue that a car free lifestyle is impossible. Cincy Streetcar recently pointed out that almost half the residents currently along the route live car free. In the >3 mile long, 2 block wide path the streetcar will traverse, there is room for every type of service and shop a resident could need and with those businesses come jobs and oppourtunity for entrepreneurship. With a simple, convenient and efficient way to get around, the area would be very desirable.
Repopulating and revitalizing the city's basin is doable and necessary. The current blight in OTR damages the entire region. The empty streets make it a haven for vice crime. A streetcar is a vital factor in repopulating and revitalizing the area and changing from a drain on city resources to a contributing area of the city.

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