Saturday, July 11, 2009

Layoffs at WCPO

The Fishwrap reports that local TV station WCPO is eliminating 5 jobs in a corporate consolidation effort. The jobs are in sales and graphics.
Perusing the illuminating Fishwrap comments it seems nobody can read as they all carry on about the talking heads that should be retained or canned. Never mind that those are not the jobs being cut....
Apparently the notion that the consolidation maybe could have been made in Cincinnati is completely lost on these nattering nabobs of negativity. Certainly, the fact that Cincinnati was NOT chosen to be the graphics hub should fill their black hearts with glee and fire up their contention that Cincinnati is Hell on Earth. Speaking of which, there's only 3 days left to pick the post apocalyptic movie that best represents Cincinnati.
Cincinnati has a very strong graphics / creative community and, if we were even in consideration for this consolidation, this might have been a coup for the town.

Fishwrap story (and crazy angry comments) here.

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