Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Rolling Stones Clevo Muni Stadium 1978

As usual, it rained. Dunno how many times I stood in the rain watching this band. Kansas (ack !) and Peter Tosh (yay !) opened. A motorcyclist rode around on a cable.
We piled a bunch of people into Phil's van & drove up to his grandfather's house in a neighborhood that had been extremely Polish in years past. The idea was to have granpa drive us to the stadium so we would not have to fool with parking & traffic. yeah, we'll dump that on the old guy. I had met him before & he was pretty cool. He was a WWI vet and a retired pharmacist. When we walked into his house he screamed at us in German & English & I must have understood him or my survivor instincts kicked in 'cause I closed the door the last guy in had not closed and apologized. One of the other guys commented, "The old guy went crazy and started yelling at us in tongues & shit & Quim started leaping into action. I didn't know what was going to happen !"
The party outside the stadium prior to the doors opening was pretty cool. Dunno if it was a Cleveland thing. Kinda like in 30 Rock where everyone in Cleveland is just super nice, I dunno.
My patch of friends was, of course, cheering & dancing to Peter Tosh and sitting around getting stoned while Kansas played which seemed to be the opposite of how 90% of the rest of the crowd handled the day.
The Stones were touring the album, Some Girls. The title track of that album earned some controversy. It was a parody of a macho guy rambling on about stereotypes of women based on ethnicity. Jesse Jackson was appalled at the description of black girls but seemed to have no problem with the other dozen or so stereotypes. hm


CityKin said...

Was Some Girls out in '78? Seems like it was a few years later. Great album.

geebee said...

When asked why they called the album "Some Girls" Keith Richards responded: "Because we couldn't remember their fucking names!" Classic.