Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Who 1980

I drove to this show in Lexington with Tom, Mark, Dan & Lynn. Mark and I rode bicycles back along Route 68. Tom drove my car back & dealt quite admirably with my muffler falling off.
We spent the night with one of Mark & Lynn's old neighbors and her husband who was working on his degree in geology. He was a rather serious young man but the night of the show he got a ticket and cut loose. Really loose. Like bachelor party loose. Before Mark & I left, he gave us a rundown on what we would be riding over - a crash course on the geology of the NKY & SWO Ohio River Valley. It was pretty fascinating. We promptly rode 100 miles in 100° heat smack dab into the middle of a dry county. Things improved when we got into Ohio. ah, breakfast beers in Xenia listening to King of the Road in some crappy little bar on the south end....
The concert was good. Kenny Jones was a good fit & I thought a lot more into doing his own thing at that point. I guess Daltrey disagreed. I had seen the Who several times and I really didn't care to see them - I liked their music & their jamming - I wanted to hear them. Everyone on the floor was standing on their seats staring at the band like zombies. I had gotten into the "punk way" and chose to dance like a madman. Didn't work standing on a folding chair. So I dismounted the chair and stood on the relatively empty floor. Now, for years security got unhinged with people standing on their chairs but they had fairly given up trying to stop people. What was weird at this show was the security guy who came up to me and grabbed me by my shoulders and shouted, "What's wrong with you ? Stand still on your chair like everybody else !".

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