Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Council Theatrics

Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz has an editorial in the Enqiurer's "Other Voices" section. In it she rails against other council members for not supporting big labor and for a committee passing legislation to the council allowing for the purchase and distribution of recycling bins.
She offers no solutions, however.
She cites the up front cost of the recycling bins but doesn't mention the impact they would have on the city's budget. You can find that info on council woman Quall's site, here.
While Quall's numbers don't add up to a break even figure & alternatives are not offered, her commentary does bring some clarity to the issue.
Ghiz just offers blame and unexplained numbers.
During Ghiz' successful campaign for office she held that council members are considered part time employees and should be compensated with part time pay. At this time of budgetary crisis, why isn't she putting this back on the table ? Why isn't she pushing for greater efficiency in the police department ?
All she appears to offer is grandstanding.