Monday, August 10, 2009

Hamilton County Fair !

On 8/8/09 the Enquirer ran a story about The Hamilton County Fair. In an earlier post I griped about the coverage of the fair in the Enquirer. This story, already stuck onto the pages describes the fair glowingly with words like, "struggles" & "dismal". The story prominently focuses on poor attendance and cites better attendance at other nearby fairs. The story tells us about a manure giveaway. We are reminded of "nearby gunfire and groups of unruly youths".
Of course the racism and optimism of the commenter is present:
From navrat," Why on earth would decent people want to take their kids to an event about agriculture,located in an area taken over by low life ,punks and thugs?"
From chillymost1 (referring to the one incident of gunfire), "Inside or Outside...gunplay is gunplay. I feel bad that we're losing this tradition, but once it is tainted by idiots firing guns...inside or out on Vine street...I don't feel safe there.".
and (continuing to obsess over the one time gunfire incident, "Im sure as heck not going there! .... make it into an Urban County fair with Uzis & Glocks and Phat Farm & Enyce clothes and boom cars with 26" wheels!"
There was a ray of hope from LetsAnnex, "A lot of hard work has gone into planning this Fair, and it is in poor taste to dismiss the work of hundreds.".
The Enquirer does mention sections of the fair being dedicated to green living and urban gardening, a new ride company, more carny game booths and a first ever parade. It also brings up fair organizers wanting to abandon the Hell on Earth that is Cincinnati. With coverage from the local paper like this, can't blame 'em.

Anyway, here's the details:
7801 Anthony Wayne Avenue
Tuesday-Friday: 3 PM-11 PM
rides start at 5 PM
Saturday: 11 AM-11 PM
rides start at 1 PM
$8 admission - $4 parking rides are included with admission.

Fiswrap Story here.


Kevin LeMaster said...

There was a nice feature today on Local12 about how attendance is up at the Hamilton County Fair. It was a very positive piece...they might have video on their website.

Quimbob said...

The story is up. Didn't see video.