Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jefferson Starship - 1975

I think the Jefferson Airplane had finally been put to rest for the first time by this time. The Starship had just released what was going to be their biggest album with top 40 hits like the sugary sappy "Miracles". The seeds for disaster were very present. The show was actually really good. The highlight was the band playing a major chunk of side 2 of Blows Against the Empire. It had become a kind of psychedelic space opera for the initiated.
7,000 gypsies swimming together
An offering to the sun in the name of the weather
Gonna Hijack
Hijack the startship....
Grace Slick could still sing, Paul Kantner still couldn't but he could play a driving rhythm guitar like a sonofabitch. Craig Chaquico was firmly in as a band member and Papa John was, well, Papa John.

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