Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Enquirer's Censors - Again

ok, this time I was censored for replying to a guy and saying that what he said wasn't true.
Cincinnati's black population is not 14.5%.
He had some percentages for racial makeup of the jail population but after that gem of a non statistic, why bother ?


Anonymous said...

I thought the Black population of the incorporated city of Cincinnati was more like 40%.

Maybe it's closer to 14.5% if you average in all the suburbs within I-275.

Quimbob said...

County - 24%
City - 43%
2000 Census
The guy brought up the jail population but that's tricky because it's county wide, primarily Cincinnatians and a lot of people are just awaiting trial.
The guy was throwing around numbers and making no point.