Sunday, August 23, 2009

Selling a Streetcar System

Let's face it. Selling a streetcar system to voters is a PITA. How do you explain to the common Joe, in a soundbyte, economic development, perceived permanence, crime reduction through occupancy, complete streets, capital budgets v operating budgets ?
Do nothing opponents, whose arguments are shortsighted at best and bizarre to evil at the worst, have a lot easier job. They only have to lie, misdirect, ridicule, obfuscate - things that can always be done easily and in moments.
It is time to fight fire with fire. November is coming like a jail on wheels, folks, & I say it's time to use what's been the ultimate marketing tool since the dawn of man. damn straight - Pretty Girls ! And who should be a model for our streetcars ? Well since the cars are made in the Czech Republic, howzbout Czech model, Nella Miartusova ?

next ?
A jingle !

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geebee said...

Yup. No fear like fear. These Czech deathtraps are just a ruse to get Grandma out of the house. It's a Trojan Horse gateway streetcar to hell.