Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul RIP

Les Paul was credited with all sorts of electronic innovations in music including over dubbing and the solid bodied guitar.
He was also a kick ass guitarist. His work has seriously been integral to the modern music scene. Born in 1915, he performed well into his 90s while suffering arthritis. Earlier in his life, an automobile accident fairly destroyed one of his arms. He had doctors set it so he could play his guitar. After playing with a host of musicians including Fred Waring (the guy who came up with the Waring Blender), he teamed up with singer mary Ford and created a pop sensation.
He is revered by, well, pretty much anybody who has picked up a guitar. He will be missed.
Here is the Wikipedia entry on the guy.
And if you are not inclined to read, here is a really short encapsulation of his life.

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