Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Waylon Jennings Festival - Bellefontaine, Ohio 1979

This was an all day event at the Mad River Mountain Ski Resort. I have no idea who played. Some guy from the Band (Rick Danko ?) played. His set was interrupted by rain. When he returned to the stage, he was shit faced drunk.
Bellefontaine (pronounced bell-fountain) is, of course, the highest point in Ohio and home to the first concrete roadway in the country. Mad River fishing up there is also supposed to be good.
Honestly, I don't remember shit about this show.....

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geebee said...

I remember some. First off, a hillside of mud. J.J. Cale played and was pretty good. Rick Danko was indeed drunk and invited the entire crowd back to his place for drinks. Waylon Jennings played his leather-bound telecaster.