Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MC5 North Baltimore - 1972

We went to see The Doors. Wrong day. Canned Heat & The MC5 were scheduled. Canned Heat had cancelled. Fleetwood Mac was brought in as a replacement. Fleetwood Mac went to Baltimore, Ohio instead of North Baltimore. 3 hour drive. They bailed. The MC5 played twice.
And people wonder how we survived without the internet.....

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Anonymous said...

The Frut (with an umlaut) was/is a MI band from that time which had a reputation for being hazy-minded on a frequent basis. A well-known MI promoter/agent/manager told me once that the Frut drove to a concert ripped on hash and drove to a town with the correct name, but in the wrong state. That might even top the 3-hour drive example of yours. And why was a town named North Baltimore started hundreds of miles away from Baltimore, in the same state?