Monday, August 17, 2009

Fair Coverage

Channel 5 WLWT had a short article that was fairly positive. They gave most of the attention to a sign telling people gang colors and foul language would not be tolerated, tho.
Few reader comments. People who hadn't been to the fair hated it. Hated the location in Hell on Earth, Carthage. One person had actually gone and had a great time. Obviously a liberal Kool Aid drinker.
Channel 12 WKRC ran an article. They focused on the fair making making a great comeback & the participation of non-ruralites.
Couldn't find anything on WCPO's site. WXIX had hints but no bites, although I think I saw something on the air one night.
After the fair, the Enquirer ran a story about the attendance being up markedly. They also talked about how lame the turnout was compared to neighboring, more rural counties.
During the fair, the Enquirer's online coverage was a 9 picture slideshow. Woodstock got 10.
As much as I would like to condemn these guys, I'm finding nothing on the fair's website either. They have a search function that doesn't work. They ran the day's list of events on that day & not the day before.
Did the Hamilton County Fair crown a queen ? One of my highest ranking pages is this'n about the queen contestants for this year's Clark County Fair. Seems like the local media outlets would want the traffic on their commercial websites. Seems like the fair would want the interest. The demolition derbies were, apparently a crowd pleaser. How about a list of the winners ? Heck, if I am going to wreck my car for entertainment purposes, I want some recognition, dammit.
I guess, what I am getting at is that with no appreciation there is going to be a lack of participation and with a lack of participation there is going to be a lack of attendance.
To be fair, there was actually a lot of stuff going on all week- Mt Adams Music Festival, Reds games, Tours, Theater, Tennis and then all the usual stuff like King's Island, the Museums.....
yeah, life sucks around here to be sure.
oh well, here's to the Hamilton County Fair continuing to grow and bring people together to celebrate the things we do to live (like demolition derbies). I will shut up about county fairs til next year.

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