Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Neil Young - 1985

This concert was at the Gestapo Training Facility known as Riverbend. I think it might have been the first year they had a whole series of summer shows. You could still park across the street for free - probably the last year for that. I had gone to a company picnic earlier in the day near an AJ Jolly golf course in Kentucky ? The guys were playing football - I went off & caught a buzz with the girls. On Monday the guys were all limping around in agony. choices, choices....
I had made Dirty Rice - what Popeye's calls Cajun Rice. Popeye's made a good marketing decision on that one. Nobody would eat my rice at the picnic. I watched one lady pull all the chicken guts out of her rice before she ate it. maybe she was going to do some divination - I don't know. I left early with my crockpot of rice and headed to Riverbend where I parked in one of the aforementioned unpaved lots across the street.
Riverbend promoted bringing picnics and enjoying music "on the lawn".
You couldn't bring drinks in and they searched your food. I don't think you could even take food out onto the lawn concert area. The way speakers were set up and the way the pavilion effectively blocked not only the view but the sound as well, made the lawn a completely useless place to enjoy a concert. So where was I sitting ?
Anyway, after awhile I walked up to the back of the pavilion to see and hear. I had no intention of rushing the pavilion but when one guy did and ABSOLUTELY EVERY SECURITY GOON went after him, about a half dozen of us looked at each other and calmly stepped over the railing and took seats.
That last part of the show was pretty rockin'
Afterwards I returned to my car & decided to wait a bit for traffic to thin out before I left. I commenced to eating handfuls of dirty rice. I was so impressed with my culinary work that I offered it to some of he other folks standing around waiting to leave.
Why in hell would people not stick their hands into a crockpot of some strange guy's rice that had flecks of black shit in it ? Beats me.

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