Sunday, December 13, 2009

Johnny Winter 1987

JW has had a checkered past involving drugs & alcohol. A brilliant electric guitarist, Winter could blow a show pretty easy. I had talked the guy up big time with Bunny Lamé, we went to a show & JW was a major let down. When this show came around it was the classic, c'mon, baby, it won't be like last time. I promise.....
She finally submitted to me and it was good.
Winter tore up at this show. He really really tore up. He kicked ass. Lamé finally understood why I evangelized the dude.
Me? I still don't understand the appeal of Lonnie Mack.


Anonymous said...

Was that the show Scot Brown, from wnop came out and gave a rousing intro, only to have another half hour go by before Winter came on stage?

Quimbob said...

Don't recall. Sounds about par for the course, tho.