Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's a House ?

About a hundred years ago an automobile manufacturer name of Burton Westcott commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build him a house on Springfield, Ohio's prominent High Street. Subsequent owners let the building fall apart & it became a bit of an "ruin". It was rescued & restored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and The Westcott House Foundation but nobody lives there. They have meetings and receptions there & that pays the bills, but....
Wright designed homes for families. He wanted the house to positively effect the adults and the children who lived there.
For the second summer The Westcott Foundation hosts Design Studio with The Now Device to give kids the opportunity to learn audio / video & graphic design stuff.
If Burt were around today, well he wouldn't be making cars, but his kids would probably have all the audio / video gizmos money could buy today. Great to see the place used as more of a home than a hall.

The Westcott House

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