Tuesday, October 20, 2009


AWRIGHT ! Nice start on animating that C, guys ! When using as a frame, tho, transparency with refraction would bee really cool ! Nice use of the vignetted alpha. Dunno why it's upside down, tho. I like the monochromatic blue background, too. Spin that puppy on the Y axis & move it around a bit on the Z axis now & you got a logo a guy could really get behind.
The streetcar could have used some shading & reflections but I suppose the City of Cincinnati renderfarm probably isn't in Pixarville, yet.
Anyway, I guess there's a message in there, too.
Mallory suggests a guy might want to buy a building and put in a Starbucks, but what I find really exciting, about the OTR stretch especially, of the line is the smaller more middle class entrepreneur having a viable opportunity to start his own independent business. This will lead to a more vibrant and stable local economy and give residents a greater sense of ownership of the city.

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