Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Ramones at The She Club 1981

I had just moved to Cincinnati in the fall of '81 and had ditched my old Pontiac Bonneville since, having no job, I could hardly afford keeping the POS running. When my girlfriend & I heard the Ramones were coming to Dayton, we had to make plans. I forgt how we got up to Dayton but my sister lived in Moraine at the time & I think we bought her a ticket so she could drive us to the show & put us up for the night. She agreed to drive us home the next day.
The She Club was some kind of old disco or something. Lotsa colored lights, a mirrored ball over the dance floor....

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geebee said...

Q, you should dedicate a post to your sis. Sounds like you woulda missed the history of rock 'n roll without her.