Thursday, October 08, 2009

Northside Porch Tour October 10

Northside Community Council is hosting its 7th Bi-annual Porch Tour on Saturday evening, October 10th from 6 until 9pm. A Porch Tour is similar to a house tour, except nobody goes onto anybody's porch, nor do people go into houses. It is a street celebration where the .9 mile route will be lit with a ribbon of thousands of luminaries (about 4,000), the route is open for a walking tour, or you can ride one of the two 20 person horse-drawn carriage rides that circle the route while listening to an architectural narrative of the historic porches. New this year, you can ride one of two bicycle rickshaws that will circle the route. Music will entertain all who come to the departure point at the Northside Children's Park on the corner of Chase and Fergus Avenues. While you are waiting for a carriage ride, have a great grilled hotdog or hamburger offered by the Northside Citizens on Patrol, see Happen, Inc. weave a community canvass, and hear the surprise events at the park. Numerous musicians will dot the Porch Tour Route which continues to rotate around the neighborhood every other year to spice up your experience. Carriage rides are $4, $10 for (2) to ride the rickshaw. For more information, email Tim Jeckering or call 513-542-2500 (1#).
And, no, my porch is not on the tour. snubbed again.....

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