Monday, October 26, 2009

Jethro Tull 1979

For some reason I attended this concert alone. Dunno if my friends went separately or not. I had a Pontiac Bonneville I bought off my dad for $1. It was about as dependable as a crack whore. Fortunately, it had a trunk the size of Arizona, so I stuck my bicycle in the trunk & headed off to Cincinnati. Dunno where I thought I was going to ride my bike.
For some reason I stopped somewhere (Jim's bike store ?). Then I headed down Montgomery Road to Record Theater in Norwood. it was one of those grocery store sized record stores that frequently had nothing worth buying. I had a sister who lived in Oakley & I had been to Surrey Square Mall with her, so, as I looked around, I realized I kinda knew where I was & briefly considered hunting down my sister & saying hi. She had actually been to a Tull concert years before & was quite impressed with the guitarist's pretty shirt.
I headed off down Montgomery and, somehow, made it to Riverfront Coliseum.
The concert was good. Professional. I remember analyzing it and thinking this song was better this time and that song was better earlier, and - yeah - I'M A GEEK !!!
Drove home uneventfully. Never needed the bike. Glad it was there, tho. My love affair with bicycling was soon to take a turn for the insane.


Mark Miller said...

Was that "Stormwatch" tour?
It couldn't have been "A", that was in the 80's.

Quimbob said...

A ?
It was Stormwatch or Heavy Horses.
With the Punk/New Wave stuff, Tull was on the way out. I think that was why I went to this show alone. I wasn't cool back then, either.