Monday, October 19, 2009

Tupelo Chain Sex - Jockey Club 1985

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This band, so the story goes, was conceived at a party hosted by John Mayall's son at his dad's house in California. Don "Sugarcane" Harris was probably the "star" of the band. Another "old" guy in the band was a sax player who had an array of saxophones from a large bass/baritone sax to a teeny tiny tenor (?) sax. Tupelo Joe Altruda played guitar or bass, according to the line up and some goofy British guy handled vocals. The played a weird mix of jazz/folk/rock madness with a silly streak a mile wide.
Tupelo Chain Sex was great !
Joey Altruda is currently playing a weird (but not as weird as TCS) mix of Latin/Ska/Lounge music.

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