Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barbara Mandrell's 2 Headed Love Child

From the National Music Museum website:
Semie Moseley’s first job at Rickenbacker ended abruptly in 1955, when he was fired for building his own guitar in their factory. The event prompted him to start his own company with Reverend Ray Boatright, an evangelical minister. They combined their names to produce that of the new company, Mosrite. At first the business consisted mostly of custom-built instruments, but after adding other business partners, particularly the rock group, The Ventures, in the 1960s.
This electric double-neck guitar was custom-made for Mandrell in 1981. It features a standard guitar neck and a short one with strings tuned an octave higher. She later modified it with Bartolini pickups and Schaller tuners.

National Music Museum entry here.


geebee said...

Johnny Ramone played one too. I don't think he played anything else. Or changed tee shirts...

Quimbob said...

Tht was a Mosrite ? cool
Did he jam with Barbara Mandrell ?
On the album Kick out the Jams it sez:"The MC5 play Mosrite guitars."