Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend Crap
Zombie Walks & More

Route marked in blood red

Cincinnati Zombie Walk has finalized their route, start time & start location being at ground zero for the portal to hell, the NURFC in downtown Cincinnati @ 7:30 PM on October 30.
So get out the latex & oatmeal, get to mixing the red food coloring into the corn syrup & commence shambling.

And if shambling around downtown isn't your thing.....
Boswell Alley (mere blocks from Wesleyan Cemetery will be showing off it's new upstairs dining area.
Happen Inc. will be having an all day event from 10A - 5P where you’ll design your own mask, create a special light-up trick-or-treat bag, and make some delicious snacks.
Metal/Hardcore Halloween Christian death metal (Christian [death metal] not [Christian death] metal) show at Covenenat Church in scenic Northside.
Zombie Apocalypse A screening of Zombie Apocalypse, 13 bands & fire arts entertainment at The Mad Hatter in historic Covington.
The Hideaway will be serving up a post Halloween - pre Dia de la Muerte brunch on Sunday.


Ronny Salerno said...

This should be pretty cool. I'm coming down to photograph it.

Quimbob said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pics. I always thought your photographs could use some zombies shambling around in the background
Maybe you could procure some zombies and haul 'em around to your location shoots like the House Beautiful people haul flower arrangements around to theirs.