Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Champion City Halloweenies - Chill !

A Springfield woman who has celebrated Halloween with her displays on her house has decided to expand into the vacant lot next door, which she does not own but maintains, due to an absentee owner who, apparently, ignores it. -whew-
So what does she get for her labors ? City zoning code enforcement doesn't like the temporary fence or the temporary "haunted house" the woman has constructed. The city can send out workers to demolish the offending constructs made to bring joy and happiness to the neighborhood kids but they would have to bill the owner for the work & he's off in Florida not giving a rat's rear. whatadilemma.....
Makes me think of the words from Grace Slick's Lawman:
well I've heard your line & you've heard mine
& I'm just too tired to take a side
bring your business around here in the morning
Don't you want to be easy
look there
let some of the things you see go on by
or you can burn them into your brain
go on home
Don't you see the children, they're just like you
they want everything to be fine but they let it slide
and the laughing lets you know that smiling breaks the rules

Noose Son story here.

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